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 Search Database                                Contact Us is devoted to two main objectives:
-to provide performers with an easy way to find and acquire high-quality new music
-to provide self-published composers with a free way to have their music promoted

The compositions for this website are selected through a highly competitive call for scores.
Only about 15% of the submissions are accepted, but many other entries also have had merit,
so feel free to contact me inquiring about other pieces for your instrument or ensemble!
Also let me know if you have any comments or suggestions, and perhaps most importantly:

Please let me know when you find/purchase/perform a piece because of this site!!!
When you purchase one of the pieces on NCM, we do not make any money off of it:
you are sent to the composer's purchase page or contact info and buy it directly from them.
Because you acquire each piece straight from the composer and not from us,
feedback from performers is the best way we can judge how effective this site is!

I hope you find to be useful!!
-Michael Mikulka, founder and operator